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A Client was granted a principal reduction from $184,805.96 to a new balance of $66,286.00. This represents reduction of $118,519.96. In addition, her interest rate was changed from 9.9% to 8.75%. She went from a payment of $1,770.03 per month to $1,454.70 per month.

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Who is Florida Foreclosure Law Group?

The Florida Foreclosure Law Group, based in South Florida, is a firm lead by an experienced Florida foreclosure defense attorney dedicated to providing Florida residents focused interdisciplinary services. Our staff members are advocates of financial responsibility and consumer rights; therefore, we offer nothing less than hands-on legal representation for you. At Florida Foreclosure Law Group, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to building continued and consistent communication with you, offering comprehensive information to ensure you understand your current legal situation and conducting business and legal matters in accordance to the standards and code of ethics set forth by the Florida State Bar.

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